Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña Season 1

Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña Season 1

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Watch Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña Season 1 full episode online free thekisscartoon.
Storyline: Welcome to Champignon, a town of wacky world championships every day. From the Shopping Trolley with One Wonky Wheel races to the Flat Pack Furniture Assembly World Championships, our three heroes Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña are always up to something completely bonkers. Spongo is a 15-year-old adrenaline-junkie who would rather lose in a spectacular way than take an easy win. Fuzz counteracts him – he’d prefer to sit and meticulously plan out exactly how they’ll take home gold. Jalapeña is an aspiring chef and a junk-tech genius with a mad-inventor spark. Trying to thwart their every move is the villainous spoiled rich kid Taylor la Strange, and her cousin sidekick, Dangles. Taylor is a clever engineer, and always has Dangles to do her bidding, often with hilarious results. Every episode brings a mad new adventure, with Spongo, Fuzz and Jalapeña taking on a new world championship and embarking on anarchic, surreal and tasty adventures.

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