The 7th Portal

The 7th Portal

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Synopsis: There are many dimensions out there. None is more common that Earth. The evil Mongorr, ruler of the dimension Darkmoor, is planning to invade Earth. To do that, he’ll need the other half of the artifact that’s in the possession of the being called Izayus. Izayus learns about his plan and transports 5 teens from around the world to Darkmoor. Peter Littlecloud of North America is transformed into The Thunderer, a superhero who can generate sound out of his mouth. Rikio Minamoto of Japan is transformed into The Streak, a super-fast superhero. Roberto Diaz of South America is transformed into the super-strong Oxblood. Anna Nehue of India is transformed into Imitatia, who can transform into anyone or anything. Ozubo Monduma of South Africa is transformed into Conjure Man, a magic-talented superhero. Greta Bretch of Germany is transformed into the phasing Gossamer Girl. With there powers, the Data Raiders fight against Mongorr, his daughter Vendetta, as well as the Nullifier members Bearhug.

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